Tummy Trimmer Double Spring Price in Pakistan

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Regular use of tummy trimmer will even help in toning your hips and thighs making it a full-body beginner workout equipment. Tummy Trimmer Fat Belly Burner is designed to cover your stomach area entirely and it targets your abdominal muscles to burn fat. Firmly goes around your waistline and it strengthens and supports your ab and back muscles and boosts your workout by sweating more.



Buy online tummy trimmer as seen on tv with heavy duty springs for weight loss, toning tummy area, hips, arm and legs. Tummy trimmer is a very effective product for trimming tummy, strengthening arms, legs, hips and thighs. Trim and strengthen your arms, legs, hips and thighs. Tummy trimmer use like a rowing machine. Sit on the floor. Put your feet into the feet pedals. Hold the handles. Lean back slightly and slowly pull the handles to your chest holding your upper body in position by tightening your stomach muscles.

You may be able to lay back with your arms extended or may need to bring your arms into your chest some and your legs up in the air. Tummy trimmer Slim and portable design for suitable both man and women. You have always wanted Trim and strengthen your arms, legs, hips and thighs.

Now use Tummy Trimmer anyplace anytime in the office at home or watching TV. A tummy trimmer is a device that is used for doing and simplifying sit-ups. It’s mainly used by women who want to shed some fat off the tummy or waistline area also keep fit. If you are the kind who finds it hard to do sit-ups, then a tummy trimmer may come in handy.

Upper Tummy Exercise Sitting up with legs straight and lean body backwards until completely laying back with head on floor. Return to sitting position. Start out slowly and work up to the repetitions you feel.
Lower Tummy Exercise Lie Flat on Floor and extend your legs straight up in the air. Keep your back on the floor and raise lower legs without bending them.
Chest & Arms Exercise Sitting erect with legs straight right and raise handle to tummy height using arms only.
Hips & Thighs Exercise Lies flat on floor and bend knees up to your chest. Making a circular motion push feel up and them found to ward floor again.

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